Broadband Providers in Singapore

Guide to the Best Broadband Providers in Singapore

Who doesn’t need a solid internet connection? I bet any one of us needs it nowadays.

Having a faster internet connection is a must, especially when it comes to online classes, working from home and many others.

Aside from that, having a faster internet connection can reduce your stress.

With a faster internet connection, you can watch your favourite movie on Netflix or vlog on YouTube without interruption or slow loading speed. Also, it is best if you are streaming or playing online games.

So, which is the best broadband provider in Singapore?

Top 6 Best Broadband Provider in Singapore

1. SingTel

Singtel provides numerous fibre broadband deals the ultra-fast speed connection at 10Gbps.

However, please note that you will be connected to a 24-month commitment, so you can’t swap out within a year.

However, the designs include several choices, including a router and/or WiFi mesh to link your house (varies for different plans). Singtel plans also include a home line, 500mb mobile internet, 12 months of Amazon Prime, and Singtel Home.

Singtel GPON Optical Network Routers are available to new customers.

Singtel users may buy lifestyle items like Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, Nintendo Switch OLED, Secretlab gaming chair, and more with their fibre broadband subscriptions, same with M1.

SingTel’s cheapest monthly plan starts at $49.90.

Best Known For:Up to 10Gbps – Ultra Fast Speed
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2. StarHub

StarHub offers free activation and installation (for 2Gbps plan only) like other providers (for 1Gbps & 2Gbps plans only).

New users who sign up for the 1Gbps package (24-month commitment only) will get four months free.

The 2Gbps package includes a free 43″ Samsung AU7000 UHD 4K Smart TV worth S$799 and a free Smart WiFi Pro worth S$399.

StarHub’s 1Gbps and 2Gbps plans also include a complimentary one-year Disney+ subscription (for 24 months contract only).

The activation charge for 500Mbps and 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plans is S$56.71.

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StarHub’s cheapest monthly plan is $29.90.

Best Known For:#1 in Customer Satisfaction
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3. M1

Before virtual operators, M1 was the underdog among the major three telecoms. Today’s competition is fiercer. When you sign up for a 24-month broadband subscription plan (1Gbps and more) with M1, you’ll get a lot of goodies.

For 24 months, new sign-ups receive a free 4G mobile broadband and a wireless router. If you require a second tablet mobile connection, this is beneficial.

To upgrade your fibre broadband package, you may add a Xiaomi TV, ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor, Apple iPad, or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Two-year monthly prices range from S$14 to S$30.

M1, plans start from $29.90/month

Best Known For:Additional free Mobile Broadband Connection
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4. MyRepublic

MyRepublic offers flexible 24-month, 12-month, and no-lock-in options. Naturally, a 24-month plan saves more than a no-contract choice (S$59.99/month).

Like Singtel, you may pick a router or Wi-Fi mesh, with the latter being ideal if you want to boost your home Wi-Fi connection.

Gaming fibre broadband alternatives are available for frequent gamers. These plans include a gaming router for lower ping and latency and cost more.

MyRepublic, plans start from S$27.99/month

Best Known For:Affordable and Highly Connective broadband option
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5. ViewQwest

ViewQwest clearly defines their plans, which are priced by speed.

Their base plans are cheap; however, they don’t include a router. Thus, buying a router from ViewQwest or online retailers may cost more.

Another item to consider is the different additional features supplied by ViewQwest. Freedom DNS lets you legally watch material that may not be available in Singapore owing to regional limitations.

Look into Qwest, prices start at $28.99/month.

Best Known For:The fastest, safest broadband available in Singapore.
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6. WhizComms

Want to avoid costly fibre broadband bundles? You get what you see with WhizComms. Its no-frills approach makes it the most cheap 1Gbps package on the market.

You’ll just pay for your fibre broadband plan’s speed instead of freebies and add-ons.

WhizComms, available in 12 and 24 months, is suitable for folks who already have a router and are on a home utilities budget.

WhizComms has monthly plans starting at $26.90.

Best Known For:Cheapest Fibre Connection
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After reading about Singapore’s affordable broadband alternatives, you should know what internet service you need and its rates and plans.

Discover Singapore’s cheapest broadband providers. If you know another broadband internet service provider, let us know.

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