Top 5 Important Reasons Why You Need to Translate Your Website?

Websites are the most significant tool for a business in today’s digital world. More people are living their lives online. Having a great website implies greater web traffic and more income.

A research series by Common Sense Advisory – Can’t Read, Won’t Buy (2020) shows that about 40% of global consumers won’t buy in other languages. The research also shows that 65% prefer content in their native language. And, this is why it is not only enough to have a website in the English language.

Translating your websites can help you reach and expand your consumer base and even enter new markets.

In this article, you can further discover why website translation services Singapore is essential.

What Is Website Translation?

Website translation involves taking your website content in its original language and translating it into other languages to make it accessible and usable to international clients.

Non-native English speakers account for more than one-third of all internet users. According to Forrester Research:

“Visitors remain twice as long when a website is in its own language (site stickiness).”

In general, a business needs to translate the pages they want customers who speak a different language to understand.  

Why do You need to Translate Your Website?

#1 You’re expanding your brand reach

Targeting multilingual markets is an excellent method to continue business growth. And, having a localised website is the ideal approach to reach your customers.

Website translation can help with the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • To reach and educate potential customers
  • Provide an engaging customer experience since they can able to understand the website

#2 You are doing business abroad

If you are conducting business beyond the domestic market, it is essential to have a localised website. It must contain localised information that can support your international customers. They are most likely to engage in your business once they read and understand your products and services.

#3 Your competitors use website translation

Don’t be left behind. If your competitors are translating their website, they already have seen the importance of translation. So, you should translate your website too and capture online customers in their preferred languages.

#4 Demanded by Law

In some markets and industries, there are times where the translation is required by law. If this is the case, it is essential to translate a website to fail on this legal requirement.

#5 The Data Suggest It

If you have discovered on your website analytics that you have website visitors beyond your domestic market, it’s time to work on website translation.

Also, if the data suggests that it can bring a bigger portion of your traffic and affects your website conversion, do not hesitate to create a localised version of your website.


A website translation cannot only present content in a new language, but it can be a great opportunity to capture new markets. And, you will find that there are many reasons why you need to translate your website. Therefore, finding the best translation agency is essential, especially when working with a specialised industry such as translation for tourism websites is essential.